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July 2008
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cynicalvalkryie [userpic]

am feeling sort of empty. maybe it's the time.

i usually end up falling asleep unprepared. right now i am washed up and ready for bed, but my body won't let me. i've been sitting here watching trailers and japanese music videos, drawing. i haven't drawn in a long time, so i guess it's a good thing.

i have the tarnation dvd sitting right next to me, but i haven't really the heart to watch it right now. it's only 85 minutes! i hate borrowing things from people because although i want very much to watch it, i'd rather spend two hours watching good eats or three hours napping. it's something about being beholden towards the dvd, towards the lender.

o obligation, how you twist my every desire into distaste.

i want to believe in the inherent goodness of people, but everyday i find one more thing to set back the human race, like the los emos situation in mexico. look it up. you'll hate yourself.

i wonder how long it takes to get your passport renewed? i need it done by august eighth or so. hm. it would be a shame if i couldn't go, but it's not the end of the world. i just, kind of want to get on a plane, never having been on one before. and etc.

ANGELCAKE BLOSSOMS MMMMM k it's time for bed.