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July 2008
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cynicalvalkryie [userpic]

I have to go to work in twenty minutes. :\ As much as I enjoy painting kids' faces, the idea of standing there at work with people I only sort of like (ie. those girls) is tiring already. It's not that I don't like them; I just don't really get along with women. I'm more than happy to chat it up with guys-- maybe I feel that they're typically non-judgmental and I don't have to try so hard to impress them? I can't really connect to a lot of girls these days. Half the time they seem so inane, and half of the time I fret over the idea that I must seem inane to them.

Women are a complicated issue I'd rather step around, danke.

Kalen keeps calling me emo at work. I've found that this really, really, pisses me off. I wonder if there are people who are as judgmental as he can be. I think Roger understated it best: "Kalen's very opinionated." Yes, Roger, and the Pope is a wee bit spiritual.

I mean, he points out that I don't smile in my Myspace photos. Yes, I don't. But I can't smile on cue for Mypsace photos. It looks fake and argh and ah. But then he says that "I've never seen a girl not smile for a photo before. That's just really weird."

If he was more narrow he could slide through walls. And then he says that tattoos would make me a "bad girl", and a plethora of other bullshit I'm sorry to say came from him.

Ugh. People. I get angry, easy. I am an angry person. In everyone, there is an empty, black hollow that only gets bigger the older we get. Everyone deals with this in different ways. Some laugh, some pray, some sit around kickin' rocks at it, and me, I wanna ask why. I demand why, kids, I get mad about it. I wanna jump in and tear it apart.

Metaphorically speaking, anyway. IRL, I like to bake and extrapolate my aches away. Easier on the hands.

Lalallalalallalala. :3 :3 emmanuel is away on working holiday, and I am alone. Le sigh.